Workers Compensation

Injured At Work? You Have Rights!

Going to work each day in Atlanta is something that is often taken for granted. You enter your job each day with the intention of completing your work and returning to your home at the end of your shift. When payday arrives, you accept the pay for your services, and you provide for yourself and your family with that money.

However, when a work injury occurs, there are many disruptions to this peaceful pattern and you may require an Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney.

When an employee is injured, they will miss work during their recovery time. This loss of income can place undue financial strain on themselves and their families. There are also medical bills that are associated with the injury, as well as costs for ion-going treatment.

Employers pay for workers compensation insurance to provide a means of support for the injured employees and pay for these medical expenses. Workers compensation insurance is also available to retrain employees if their injuries will prevent them from returning to their position.

Unfortunately, most workers compensation insurance adjusters make it very difficult for the victim of a work place injury to receive the compensation to which they are entitled. More often than not, claims are denied, lost wages are not calculated correctly, and second opinions for treatment are discouraged. Long term care is often overlooked, and many adjusters try to prove the company is not responsible for the incident.

Employees have rights when it comes to injuries that occur at work. It is crucial to seek legal representation when you have been injured on the job.

An Atlanta personal injury attorney can ensure that you are receiving the proper medical attention necessary to gain a full recovery. This includes seeking second opinions and receiving additional treatments. An attorney can also ensure that you are not returned to work too soon, and that the rate of wage compensation is correct.

Work related injuries can occur for many reasons. Depending on the injury, and the cause of that injury, victims of work related injuries may also be entitled to additional compensation.

Injuries may occur at work due to:

  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Faulty equipment
  • Cluttered areas
  • Improper employee training
  • Slip and fall
  • Safety issues concerning security of the building and premises
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Other specific activities that are directly related to the profession or nature of the business

When you have been injured, it is important that you notify the appropriate people at the business and seek medical care. You may be required to go to a clinic or hospital that is chosen by the employer. Once your health is stabilized, you should document everything you remember about the event and call an attorney. Make sure that you do not provide the workers compensation insurance company in Atlanta with a written or recorded statement before talking to your Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney.