Personal Injury

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

Have you been injured in an accident in Atlanta? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. When you are injured in an accident, the effects can be devastating. The physical injuries can take a long time to heal, or worse yet, leave you disabled. The financial burden the medical treatment costs, along with your inability to earn a living, can cause monetary strain on the injured party and their family.

It is the legal obligation of the negligent party to “make right” what their action has done to your life. Under Georgia law, if you have been injured due to the negligent act of another person or entity, you have the right to compensation. After seeking medical attention for your injury, it is advisable that you seek the assistance of an Atlanta personal injury attorney. Finding legal help when you have been injured will allow you to protect your rights as a victim of negligence.

A personal injury lawyer can represent you for many different types of personal injury cases. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Work related injury – Workers compensation claims.
  • Auto accidents.
  • Commercial vehicle accidents. This includes 18-wheelers and other vehicles used for business.
  • Public transportation accidents. Private and public transportation services are included in this category.
  • Boating and maritime events.
  • Recreational vehicle accidents.
  • Pedestrian accidents.
  • Slip and fall.
  • Animal attacks.
  • Negligent security in a place of business. This can include public visitors to the business or employees that were harmed due to negligent security issues.
  • Defective product liability.
  • Defective baby products.
  • Defective medical devices.
  • Dangerous prescription medications.
  • Medical malpractice.
  • Nursing home abuse.
  • Wrongful death.

During your initial consultation, your lawyer will review the facts of the case, the extent of your injuries, and determine what types of compensation you may be entitled to based on these facts. Each case will be treated individually because all accidents and injuries are different.

Selecting An Atlanta Injury Attorney

When you are looking for legal representation, there are several things that you must consider.

  • Is the law firm experienced in handling personal injury cases? You do not want to hire a firm that specializes in another area of law.
  • Does the firm have the resources to actively represent me? Some firms do not have the personnel or financial resources to fully represent you. You need a firm that can “go-the-distance” for you.
  • Is the firm capable of understanding the situation I am in? When you speak to an attorney, you need to know that they care about your situation.
  • Does the firm have a reputation of winning for their clients? You want a firm with a track record of winning.

In Georgia, you are only entitled to file for compensation from an accident once. This means if you do not select a lawyer that will aggressively represent you, you may not receive the just and fair compensation you deserve. Once your case has been settled, you cannot make another claim.