Boating Accidents

Boat Accident Law Firm Atlanta

Many people are unaware that if they are injured in a boating accident that have specific rights under the law. There is much misconception about maritime law, but the fact remains: If you have been injured, you have rights to compensation.

Boating and other maritime injuries occur more often in the summer months. This is largely due to the amount of people using their crafts for entertainment purposes during the summer weather. However, many of these celebrations cause people to act in a negligent manner, and this can lead to accidents.

When you have been injured in a boating accident, you should first seek medical attention. Once your health has been stabilized, you should consider contacting an Atlanta personal injury firm to see what rights you have under the law.

You may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical expenses that relate to the accident
  • Loss of wages – current, and if it is an extensive injury, future earnings
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Repair to your craft if the accident occurred between multiple vehicles

You may also be entitled to additional compensation based on the type and severity of your accident. People who have had a loved one lose their lives to a boating or maritime accident will have separate and additional rights to compensation.

A personal injury attorney in Atlanta will be able to distinguish your rights and what maritime laws apply to the situation.

These firms are trained specifically to handle these and other types of injury cases including:

As well as any other type of personal injury that is a result of someone’s negligent action.

Boats and other watercraft are used for enjoyment. They provide a delightful way to enjoy a summer day. When used correctly, a boat can be as safe as any other type of vehicle that people commonly use. However, when negligent actions enter the picture, the result can be devastating.

Boating accidents occur most often when alcohol is involved. This act of operating a vehicle while under the influence is a separate and illegal action. This does not, however, take away from the fact that an injury occurred due to this negligent action.

Your life will be changed from an accident. It is your right to receive compensation to help you recover from that change.